Ann Widdecombe: ‘I was very alienated by gay marriage’

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Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe says David Cameron’s decision to legalise same-sex marriage left her feeling “alienated”.

Promoting her new autobiography ‘Strictly Ann’ in an interview to The Daily Telegraph, Widdecombe dismissed claims that she was prepared to defect to UKIP.

“I’d rather form my own party than ever join UKIP. We could call it the Widdy Mob,” she said, before adding: “I’m joking.

“I was very angry with the Conservatives, I was very alienated by gay marriage, not only by the issue but by the attitude of the party high command.

“David Cameron just bulldozed the whole thing through, though it had never been in any manifesto or tried or tested.”

The 2010 Strictly Come Dancing competitor also said people were often surprised that she has gay friends.

In April, Widdecombe attacked the Church of England for its position on same-sex relationships during a radio interview with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Widdecombe, a Catholic, left the Anglican Church in 1993.

She blamed the failure of the Conservatives to win last year’s Eastleigh by-election on the Prime Minister’s support for legalising same-sex marriage.