Netherlands: Plans unveiled for new LGBT-only ‘Gay Village’

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Plans in the Netherlands have been unveiled for a fenced-off ‘Gay Village’, to tackle hate crime fears.

According to DutchNews, property developer Blauwhoed made the proposal for an LGBT-only development in in Tilburg, citing a poll that found 22% of gay people were uncomfortable in their own neighbourhood.

Estate agent Toine Naber, who is involved with the project, said: “You can’t exclude heterosexuals because that would conflict with European human rights treaties, nor do we want to discriminate… but you could get around it legally via a residents’ association.”

Tilburg mayor Peter Noordanus welcomed the plan, saying: “A tolerant city is pleased to have a gay community within its borders.”

The plans would create a dedicated neighborhood with detached and terraced homes, priced around €250,000 (£200,000).

Its website states: “Live in your own environment. Gay Village offers everyone from the LGBT community a tolerant, accepting environment.

“There is a need for a neighborhood for like-minded living, with a greater sense of social cohesion and security.”

Paul Borger of rights group COC said it is likely that older gay people would be interested in the development.

However, it has received a mixed reaction on social media, with some dismissing the plan as offensive.

One Twitter user said:”So if people feel unsafe… we build a neighborhood. Backwards world!”

A gay and lesbian retirement home is set to open in Madrid next year, seeking to tackle homophobia often found in care homes and among the elderly.

In the past, similar plans have been launched in Florida and Stockholm.