US: Less than 2000 people show up to NOM’s anti-gay rally

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NOM’s anti-gay ‘March for Marriage’ rally was a dismal failure, with less than 2000 people turning up.

Brian Brown, the president of the National Organisation for Marriage, had previously sent an email “begging” members to show up  to the DC rally on the day, to avoid embarrassing them in front of the media.

However, despite repeated emails, free buses, and a raft of headline speakers, the event did not come remotely close to filling up the lawn in front of the capitol.

Speakers at the event included failed Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, alongside the Archbishop of San Francisco Salvatore Cordileone.

Despite assertions that the event was not anti-gay, signs on display called for sodomy to be criminalised, claimed that gay men wore adult diapers, and that equal marriage is ‘satanic’.

US: Less than 2000 people show up to NOM’s anti-gay rally

Many of the participants bussed in from out of state were not even aware of the rally, with the trip had been advertised as a way to ‘see the monuments’ in Washington.

GLAAD contrasted the poor attendance to the pro-gay National Equality March in 2009, which drew crowds of 200,000.