US: Lesbian police chief sworn back in, after being fired by homophobic mayor

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A lesbian police chief, who was fired by her town’s homophobic mayor, has finally been sworn back in.

Chief of Police Crystal Moore, of Latta, South Carolina, was fired by Mayor Earl Bullard in April.

A phone recording from the time captured a homophobic tirade from the mayor, in which he said he would rather have an alcoholic look after his child than “somebody whose lifestyle is questionable”.

The small town – which is conservative, and has just over 1400 residents – protested at the time that her dismissal after 20 years of service was unfair and driven by personal motivations.

A referendum on whether to move executive powers away from the mayor passed on Tuesday, giving the town council the ability to reinstate Moore to her position.

Bullard had made a last-ditch effort to prevent Moore from returning, by hiring someone else for the job, but Friday’s town council meeting found he had broken laws, by hiring without their consent.

They subsequently agreed to reinstate Moore, and she was finally sworn back in, over two months since she was first let go.

She received loud applause from the gallery as she recited her pledge.

Moore said: “My life was my life. I was open, but it was still private. I was doing a job.

“I hope the outcome of this is better for not only me but everywhere all over our nation, that we can hopefully be treated fairly and equally.”