James Arthur ‘very happy’ to work with Stonewall youth volunteers

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

James Arthur has tweeted to say he would like to meet up with Stonewall youth volunteers, months after causing controversy for recording a rap with homophobic lyrics.

The X Factor winner yesterday said he wants to make a “long term commitment” to the leading gay rights charity.

Late yesterday, Arthur tweeted with Ruth Hunt, who was appointed as permanent CEO of Stonewall today, who suggested that he could go into schools to meet with youth volunteers.

He responed: “I would be very happy to [do] that Ruth. I’m sure they do great work and could hopefully teach me a thing or two.”

Arthur attracted criticism from last year, for referring to another singer as a ‘f***ing queer’ during a rap battle.

He was quietly dropped by record label SyCo after the controversy.

Speaking on Twitter earlier this week, he also suggested changing his stage name to just “Arthur”, to distance himself from the controversy.