Daily Mail mocked for misleading ‘sperm bank for lesbians’ claim

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The Mail on Sunday has been criticised for a front page headline claiming the NHS is funding a sperm bank “for lesbians”.

The newspaper was covering the launch of a national sperm bank, which has been awarded a £77,000 grant by the Department of Health to boost sperm donations.

The sperm bank is targeted at all people who want to conceive, and will be available to straight couples, same-sex couples and single women, and to people of all ethnicities.

Daily Mail mocked for misleading ‘sperm bank for lesbians’ claim
However, the Mail claimed the “NHS funded” service would cater to lesbians and lead to “a new generation of fatherless families”, while quoting critics who claimed it is a “dangerous social experiment”.

Twitter users have mocked the article, by needlessly adding the words “for lesbians” to other headlines.

The Media Blog wrote: “Of course, the headline is deeply and deliberately misleading, written to feed the irrational fears and prejudices of Mail readers.

“At this point it’s worth noting that even the ‘NHS-funded’ element of these headlines is more than a little misleading. Public funding for the sperm bank amounts to a single £77,000 grant. People who use the service will pay for it themselves.”

A Department of Health spokesman said: “The National Sperm Bank will benefit all patients who need these services.”