Watch: Laverne Cox shoots down host who claimed she was ‘born a boy’

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Transgender actress Laverne Cox has shot down a TV host who claimed she was “born a boy”.

The Orange is the New Black star was appearing on This Morning on CBS, when host Gayle King was interviewing her.

King had said: “Let’s let people know about you, Laverne, because you were born a boy-”

The actress replied: “I was assigned male at birth, is the way I like to put it, because we’re born who we are.

“The gender thing is something that someone imposes on you, and so I was assigned male at birth but always felt like I was a girl.

“Up until third grade I thought that I was a girl, and I thought there were no differences between boys and girls. Everyone knew before I knew.”

The star made history last month when she was nominated for an Emmy.

Cox – who is also known for her trans advocacy work, and is making multiple trans-related documentaries – featured on the cover of TIME magazine earlier this year.

She was awarded GLAAD’s highest honour, the Stephen F. Kolzak award by X-Men star Ellen Page in April.

She recently featured in a John Legend music video celebrating the female form.

The video, for You & I (Nobody in the World), features 63 women of all shapes and sizes, including a girl with Down’s syndrome, a female weightlifter, model Chrissy Teigen, a heavily pregnant woman, and a woman who has undergone a mastectomy.

Watch the This Morning clip below: