Gay Human Ken Doll: I don’t have a mental illness, I’m just expressing my creativity

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The man known as the ‘human Ken doll’ has appeared on an Oprah show, to explain why he felt the need to have over 150 cosmetic surgeries.

Justin Jedlica, 33, has had more than 150 cosmetic surgeries including five nose jobs, and is known for his resemblance to a Ken doll.

Gay Human Ken Doll: I don’t have a mental illness, I’m just expressing my creativity

He was previously introduced to Russian Valeria Lukyanova – who had surgery in order to look more like a Barbie doll – but there was no romance between the pair, as Jedlica is married to a man.

The New York-based Jedlica told Oprah: Where Are They Now? that his husband, a wealthy businessman, pays for most of his surgeries.

He said: “I’ve definitely been on TV shows where we’ve had professionals try to diagnose me as having mental illness.

“I find it funny because those professionals have never seen me outside of the studio.

“I mean, I do understand the basic notion of body dysmorphic disorder and OCD. I think I have a very clear picture of what I look like. I’m not unhappy with the way that I look.

“If I choose to express my creativity through my plastic surgery, it’s no different than someone in fashion who deals with trends.

“Standards of beauty change, ideals of beauty change. I don’t understand why people think you have to be committed to the human form and that you shouldn’t be able to retain control to change it.

“I’m really interested in… possibly altering people’s thoughts on what beauty is or what is beauty supposed to be. It is for personal validation, but in the same way, it’s also to push other people to accept and understand and broaden the spectrum of what beauty is.”

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