US radio host: Ban gay marriage because gays are a crime against nature

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US Seventh Day Adventist pastor Mat Staver has claimed that gay marriage should not be allowed because of the prejudice homosexuality has suffered in the past.

On Liberty Counsel’s ‘Faith and Freedom’ radio show, he said that “A fundamental right in constitutional law has to either be specifically articulated in an enumeration of the Constitution” or “the court has said it has to be deeply rooted in our history”, reports Right Wing Watch.

Regarding gay rights, he said: “did same-sex marriage become a fundamental right? And the answer is no.

“And to the contrary, same-sex marriage or homosexuality has always been considered a crime against nature.”

Staver also argues against homosexuality being an essential part of a citizen’s freedom and identity, saying: “The court has said it has to be deeply rooted in our history such that if you were to not protect it, it would literally unravel the concept of ordered liberty that is so essential to who we are and it is so deeply rooted in our history that you have to protect it”.

He has previously claimed that same-sex marriage in the US would be “the beginning of the end of America”.

Staver is the founder of Liberty Counsel, a non-profit law firm which defends “Christian religious liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the traditional family”.

Last year, a lawyer from the group claimed that letting trans children live according to their chosen gender identity is ‘child abuse’.