NOM President: Our boycott has stopped the global expansion of Starbucks

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The president of the National Organisation for Marriage has claimed that his group’s boycott of Starbucks has halted the company’s global expansion.

Brian Brown was attempting to justify NOM’s recently-launched boycott of retail giant Target, after the store backed marriage equality.

NOM launched its ‘Dump Starbucks’ campaign in 2012 over the company’s support for equal marriage in the state of Washington, but to date has gathered just 68,750 pledges.

Despite the numbers, Brown claimed the boycott had in fact single-handedly halted the expansion of the Starbucks brand.

He said: “The media will say the boycotts have little or no effect. The reality is companies like Starbucks are trying to expand around the world, and as Americans stand up and say this is wrong, and they highlight that Starbucks are supporting same-sex marriage, it forces the mask to come off.

“Starbucks to this day claims that they do not take positions on political issues, and because of the Dump Starbucks boycott, for example, many countries have looked at Starbucks and individuals that would be allowing Starbucks into the country have said no, because Starbucks does endorse the redefinition of marriage.

“For global companies, it has an effect, both in America and abroad.

“Most importantly, though, how can we view it as moral to be giving our dollars to a company that is directly attacking our faith? You have to take a stand at some point.”

The group last month launched a boycott of investment bank JPMorgan Chase, after it asked employees what they thought about the LGBT community in a routine internal survey.

The coffee chain’s sales have grown by 5% or more for 18th consecutive quarters in the US.

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