Gay man claims he was branded a ‘f@g’ by Apple employee on store receipt

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A gay man in Portland, Oregon, claims he was branded a “f@g”, after visiting an Apple Store to buy some headphones.

Adam Catanzarite posted an image of an apple receipt bearing his name on Facebook, earlier today. In the space where the employee is meant to record the customers email address, it appears that “[email protected]” was inserted instead. 

Apple receipt

The receipt, from July 8, showed that Catanzarite had purchased a $29 (£17) pair of headphones.

“Being queer and having worked with queer youth, I know first-hand that this is an example of the type of #homophobic beliefs and actions that lead young people to harm themselves. This type of action is NOT OKAY, especially from a company that prides itself on being LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming,” Catanzarite wrote in his Facebook post.

As well as appearing on Facebook, the image was also shared on Imgur, and had more than 11,000 views at time of publication.

Catanzarite said he had complained to the manager at the time, but that he was dissatisfied with the outcome.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.