Malky Mackay admits sending racist and homophobic text messages was ‘unacceptable’

Football manager Malky Mackay has admitted sending offensive text messages, and has said he thinks it is “completely unacceptable.”

Allegations have been made that former Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay and his then head of recruitment Iain Moody, were involved with a string of offensive text messages.

While Moody stepped down as sporting director at Crystal Palace amid the controversy, Mackay has disputed allegations that he sent the text messages, and said he will defend himself against the allegations.

Mackay has now admitted sending three out of the string of text messages, saying: “Out of 10,000 text messages in and out of someone’s phone, I sent three, and that being the case, looking at them, they are completely unacceptable, inappropriate, and for that and any offence I’ve caused, I sincerely apologise.

“That’s something that I did, and for that, there is no excuse.”

The League Managers’ Association (LMA) earier today apologised for a statement it released which referred to the allegations of racism, homophobia and sexism as “friendly text message banter”.