US: dotHIV provides domains to raise money for HIV research and prevention

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A Berlin-based organisation is using digital innovation to raise money for HIV and AIDS research and prevention.

The initative, called dotHIV, provides web addresses with the ending .hiv to companies and non-profits to raise awareness and funds for HIV and AIDS.

Carolin Silbernagl, co-founder of dotHIV, said: “Imagine simply using .hiv as you use .com.”

“Each time you visit ‘,’ buy a ticket on ‘,’ or shop at ‘,’ a small donation would reach HIV and AIDS projects.”

These micro-donations do not come at further expense to the user or the website owner.

Non-profits and companies can use the domains by redirecting their standard .com pages to a .hiv domain, which allows all the content to remain the same, but adds a donation even without manual entry of .hiv in a search bar.

A .hiv address is available for a starting price of $17 (£10) a month. Non-profits receive a domain free.

Domain names became available yesterday. Access to websites using the .hiv domain will be available worldwide.

Brands including Amazon, Instagram, tumblr, LinkedIn, Samsung and BMW have already registered .hiv domains.

A survey conducted in the US recently showed many men who have sex with men may not be aware of their risk of HIV infection.