US: Anti-gay former governor living with a priest who had sex with a man

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A former anti-gay governor in Virginia is living with a Catholic priest who was caught having sex with a man in 2002.

Former governor Bob McDonnell was known for opposing marriage equality and anti-discrimination laws while in office.

In one of his first acts as governor, he removed a order signed by the previous governor meant to protect Virginia state workers from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

McDonnell and his wife are currently facing charges that they conspired to use McDonnell’s governorship to gain money and gifts.

McDonnell used as a defense that the couple’s marriage is in shambles, meaning they were incapable of conspiring because they were not communicating.

To prove that point, he said he is currently living with Catholic priest Wayne Ball, who is also aiding in his trial defense.

Ball was arrested in 2002 for “frequenting a bawdy place” after he was caught in a sexual act with a man, according to police.

The charges were eventually dropped after he completed the terms of a plea deal.