US: NOM still thinks it has a ‘very good chance’ of stopping same-sex marriage

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The National Organisation for Marriage has claimed there is a “very good chance” that the US Supreme Court will uphold bans on same-sex marriage.

The group’s co-founder Maggie Gallagher earlier this year claimed marriage equality would be in 50 states within 18 months “whether we like it or not”, while former NOM staffer Jennifer Roback Morse claimed last week that same-sex marriage would be law by 2015.

However, despite its former activists essentially admitting defeat on the issue, the anti-gay group is arguing that there is still a chance it can stop same-sex marriage in the court system.

An email from NOM President Brian Brown said: “[In a few months] NOM will be leading the charge to make a national statement that will be heard around the country and the world as the United States Supreme Court likely hears arguments in a case that could well become the Roe v Wade of marriage.

“But here’s the thing about that potential case: this time around, we have a very good chance to WIN!

“Redefining marriage to include homosexual couples isn’t simply adding a parallel institution that won’t alter or interact with marriage — it fundamentally changes marriage and makes it an inherently genderless institution.

“And that genderless institution is what will be pushed in government policy; in schools; indeed, through all mechanisms of government.

“Legal precedence is on our side. Reason is on our side. History is on our side. And the vast majority of citizens in America and across the world are on our side.”

Despite the group’s claim that it will be involved in the fight against marriage equality, it has no representationin the cases likely heading to the Supreme Court.