Catholic League head: Gays in St Patrick’s Day Parade should ‘keep their pants on’

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The president of the Catholic League has told a gay group to “keep their pants on” when they march in a St Patrick’s Day Parade next year.

The annual event, which attracts over a million tourists each year but bans openly gay groups from marching, has changed its policy for next year.

It was announced earlier this week that OUT@NBCUniversal – the LGBT group of TV network NBC, which broadcasts the march – will be permitted to march next year.

Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, told SiriusXM: “The question is, will the gays behave? Gays have been known to take off their clothes when they march.

“They can’t keep their pants on sometimes when they march in the gay pride parade.”

“Unlike others, sometimes they have a tendency to act up. We keep our pants on, [gay] men can’t keep their pants on when they march.”

Mr Donohue also claims to have taken pictures of naked men masturbating at the Stonewall riots.

He said: “You guys have masturbated on the street… I have pictures of what went on in the Stonewall 1994 gay pride parade that you couldn’t put on CNN or publish in The New York Times.”

This year’s parade faced a large commercial boycott over the exclusion of LGBT groups.

Mr Donohue previously called for a boycott of Heineken, Guinness and Sam Adams beers, after they dropped sponsorship of the parades over the exclusion.

Listen to the clip below: