Anti-LGBT+ Catholic activists just found out what a ‘glory hole’ is and they are not OK

Catholic League president Bill Donohue

Anti-LGBT+ Catholic activists have just discovered what a glory hole is thanks to gay columnist Dan Savage, and it’s safe to say that they are not amused.

The US-based Catholic League, which has fiercely opposed LGBT+ equality for decades, are clutching their collective pearls after Savage joked to talk show host Bill Maher that glory holes could make a comeback to comply with social distancing rules.

In the Real Time with Bill Maher segment, Savage said: “I think you’re going to see more people experimenting with online sex… until about half an hour ago, I was going to predict the golden age of glory holes might return because initial tests show there wasn’t a virus in semen or vaginal secretions.

“If you could carve a hole in the wall, get people together, and power wash that hole between uses, people could have sex that way, and glory holes will come roaring back and it won’t be just for creepy closeted priests in truck stops anymore.

“But a new study actually did find the virus in the semen of people… so the jury is still out.”

Dan Savage glory hole priest joke infuriates bigot Bill Donohue.

The priest remark provoked some predictable fury from Catholic League boss Bill Donohue, who launched an attack on Maher and “homosexual pervert” Dan Savage.

In a blog, Donohue said: “Bill Maher has a long history of anti-Catholic bigotry, and as bad as he is, no anti-Catholic in public life is more vulgar than homosexual buffoon Dan Savage. Maher invited this ‘intrinsically disordered’ man on his show this past Friday.

“Many normal people have no idea what a ‘glory hole’ is, so please don’t be offended by the description offered here (it is necessary otherwise the offensive remark may not make any sense).

“Homosexual perverts specialise in anonymous sex in many places, and among them are public bathrooms. They like to carve a hole in the stalls so they can place their erect penis in it hoping for oral sex. They call these ‘glory holes’.”

glory hole: 'Homosexual pervert' Dan Savage had addressed glory holes during the segment

‘Homosexual pervert’ Dan Savage had addressed glory holes during the segment

Donohue added: “These men are more than deranged. And their corporate sponsors are just as sick.”

Catholic League head has a long anti-LGBT+ record.

Bill Donohue is known for his anti-LGBT+ views — calling for boycotts of businesses that support equality and encouraging churches to purge volunteers who are gay.

In 2018 he was invited on Fox News to vent about gay parents, claiming that gay people applying to adopt children was “a matter of gay bullying and harassment”.

Donohue, who has compared Savage to the former leader of the KKK, previously waged a campaign to censor his TV show The Real O’Neals because it featured a Catholic teen coming out as gay.