Peter Tatchell receives honorary fellowship from Goldsmiths

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Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has been awarded an honorary fellowship by Goldsmiths, University of London.

The veteran LGBT activist, 62, was named as one of six “creative and visionary” individuals, who were granted honorary degrees and fellowships by the university.

He was honoured alongside artist PJ Harvey, poet George Szirtes, cartoonist Martin Rowson, architect Dame Zaha Hadid, and Scottish journalist Neal Ascherson.

In his acceptance speech, Tatchell said: “I am deeply moved to receive this Honorary Fellowship.

“I was hesitant about accepting such an honour. After all, my Fellowship has not been earned by academic study, and I often have my doubts about the significance of my contribution to human rights. Many others are much more deserving than me.”

He continued: “Looking back on my 43 years of human rights campaigning, my advice, for what it’s worth, is this – Be sceptical, question authority, be a rebel. Don’t conform and never be ordinary. Shun the mob, think for yourself. Be your own special creation.

“Tatchell recently threatened to out senior bishops who were complicit in punishing clergy members who entered same-sex marriages.”