English Democrats accidentally celebrate ‘Yes’ victory in Scotland

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Last night’s votes did not go quite as expected for the English Democrats party – who celebrated a non-existent victory for independence in Scotland.

While the fringe nationalist party’s infamous candidate Julia Gasper – who called for PinkNews readers to be sectioned – came dead last in an Oxford council by-election, the party’s chairman Robin Tilbrook celebrated a Yes victory in the Scottish Independence referendum.

Mr Tilbrook sent PinkNews a statement celebrating a Yes vote victory, despite the No campaign’s eventual victory with 55.3% of the vote.

We thought we’d share it with our readers below.


Dear Sir/Madam

The English Democrats wish to congratulate Alex Salmond, the Yes Campaign and the People of Scotland on the fantastic result to start the process of dissolution of the UK.

The English Democrats support Alex Salmond’s call for Team Scotland to come together in the interests of Scotland and correspondingly call for Team England to be brought together.

Team England must comprise all those whose loyalty is to England. The next 18 months of negotiation are a critical time for future relations between England and Scotland and there is no room for anyone to be on the English side who is not 100% loyal to England.

The English Democrats accordingly call for the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to stand down as he has shown repeatedly that he is not loyal to England.”

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats said: “The English Democrats call for David Cameron, who infamously said that his attitude to the Barnet Formula was governed by being “I’m a Cameron, there is quite a lot of Scottish blood flowing through these veins”.

“He has also repeatedly said that he wants to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain and not “Little England”. He has therefore disqualified himself from being part of the English negotiating team and should stand down forthwith.”

Have you seen the following link asking if I am the English Alex Salmond? >>>? BBC News English Democrats Robin Tilbrook on party conference – YouTube

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Update: The party has since sent an amended press release, condemning the No victory.

The English Democrats commiserate with the Yes campaign and the Scottish National Party and Alex Salmond on the disappointing result of the Scottish Independence Referendum.

They should however be congratulated on an excellent campaign against all the lies and propaganda and dirty tricks put up by the British Political and Media Establishment.

The abiding memory for the People of England of the Scottish Referendum will be the sight of senior “British” politicians demonstrating again and again and again that they have no interest in properly representing English interests, England or the English Nation and every intention of selling us down the river.

Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:- “It is now England’s turn to be heard and the English Democrats have every confidence that the People of England will reject the shabby deal concocted by the Unionist Westminster elite in a conspiracy against English interests. This was rushed through for the purpose of subverting the democratic process in the Yes/No Scottish Referendum after the same gang had refused to allow the Devo-max option to actually be put on the ballot paper.

The Westminster elite has shown itself to be utterly self-interested, dishonest, undemocratic and unfit to run our country. So far as England is concerned the English Democrats call upon all those who care about England to block the implementation of “Devo-max” until exactly the same is offered for the whole of England as a national unit.”

Robin continued:- “The great danger now facing England is an equivalent, undemocratic, dishonest conspiracy by the Westminster elite to try to ram through, without any democratic mandate, their plans to break England up. Any such attempt is totally unacceptable and is nothing short of an act of war against England. It should be met with a response that is appropriate for an act of war!”