Labour MEP questions Commission’s commitment to international LGBT rights.

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Labour MEP for London will today call on the International Cooperation and Development Commissioner designate Nevan Mimica to renew efforts to tackle LGBT issues internationally.

Seb Dance, a member of the Development Committee, and the inter-parliamentary delegation to Africa, Caribbean and Pacific states, will seek to push the Commission to tackle anti-LGBT legislation there.

He said: “The EU has always been a positive force in promoting human rights around the world, but recently we have seen countries such as Nigeria and Uganda allowed to consider anti-homosexual laws and the EU has failed to react in a significant manner.

“We must do more to support these communities and ensure that states that legalise discrimination are held to account. I hope Commissioner designate Mimica will take my question on board and look at the most appropriate way we can further human rights in the new commission.”

Under the Cotonou agreement that is due to expire in 2020, the EU has the power to suspend aid to countries that breach basis human rights.

Mr Dance will ask the Commissioner designate how he will enhance the credibility of the EU’s role as a human rights defender in the coming commission and to reflect on the effectiveness of the current Cotonou agreement in combating human rights abuses in ACP states.