Pink List changes name to Rainbow List, because readers ‘put off by pink’

PinkNews logo with white background and rainbow corners

The Independent has changed the name of its annual Pink List to the ‘Rainbow List’ – because some people are put off by the colour pink.

The annual list of 101 individuals is designed to highlight LGBT heroes – both those in the public eye and the unsung heroes and heroines dedicated to campaigning for progress and equality.

Last year it was topped by writer, campaigner and presenter Paris Lees, while previous winners include Olympic gold medal-winning boxer Nicola Adams and, controversially, Labour peer Lord Mandelson.

However, the Independent on Sunday announced today: “We have listened carefully to what readers have told us about the Pink List, and many of you said that you were put off by the pink.

“A rainbow is more inclusive, less old-fashioned and far less like the ‘girls’ aisle in a toyshop, we hope.

“Changing the name of our beloved List was a tricky decision, but the right one after all this time. 15 years from its inception, the List has grown up.

“It is brighter, bolder and more confident than when it started in 2000 as a list of a mere 50 people in public life who were ‘out’.”

The newspaper seems to have forgotten to tell the post department of the change, however, welcoming nominations sent “by post at Pink List, The Independent on Sunday” as well as by email and online.