Hundreds hold ‘kiss-in’ at Brighton Sainsburys after ‘disgusting’ lesbians asked to leave

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Hundreds have taken part in a gay ‘kiss-in’ at a Brighton branch of supermarket chain Sainsburys, after a lesbian couple were told the sight of them kissing was “disgusting”, and could harm children.

University of Sussex student Annabelle Paige said she gave her girlfriend a light kiss while the store last week, when a security guard approached and told them to either stop kissing or leave.

Paige said the security guard told her they were sorry to have said it, but that a customer had complained that they were concerned about the welfare of their children, and thought it was “disgusting” to see two women kiss.

Around 200 people gathered at the store, before kissing one another, and holding up banners supporting LGBT rights.

Couples same and opposite sex were welcomed at the kiss-in

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson later pointed out that the guard had been employed through a third party, and said: “This should never have happened – it is clear that Miss Paige and her partner were not behaving inappropriately and we are very sorry that they were treated in this way.”

The supermarket chain added: “We have called Miss Paige to apologise and will be making a [£100] donation to a charity of her choice.”