US: Idaho couple who cover their car in anti-gay messages claim they’re being persecuted

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An Idaho couple who coated their car in homophobic messages to protest equal marriage in the state claim they are being persecuted by gays.

Same-sex weddings began in Idaho this week, after a judge struck down its marriage ban.

However, Justin and Melanie Sease, from Boise, are attempting to combat the “homosexual extremist movement”, scrawling phrases like “HOMOSEXUALITY is a sin & a abomination” and “Just Say NO to Gay Marriage” on their car.

Incredibly, the pair – who say homosexuality is “like a cancer” – claim that they are actually being persecuted by people who challenge them about the homophobic messages.

Justin Sease told KBOI: “We had a few homosexual extremists who cuss us out and get very angry with us and threaten us.

“We can never accept public homosexuality. It’s wrong, and it’s wrong in God’s eyes first.

“He’s very clear in the Bible. The Bible says that when homosexuality is publicly accepted, basically it spreads like a cancer. This is kind our little way of protesting the homosexual extremist movement.”

Melanie Sease added: “If nobody else is going to do it, why not start doing it.

“Hopefully, other people will join us and follow us and do what we’re doing.

“Most everyone who has seen our vehicles gives us a thumbs up, waves, smiles, or honks.”