Televangelist Pat Robertson: Christians in same-sex marriage states should flee to the border

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Right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson has claimed that Christians should flee the 32 states that currently recognise same-sex marriage.

The right-wing TV host, who runs the Christian Broadcasting Network, made the claim on his show, The 700 Club.

He said of a Christian couple who run a wedding chapel in Idaho: “If I were that couple I’d get ahead of the curve.

“Get on an airplane and leave Idaho or get in your car and drive across the border into Montana.

“Get out of that state and if need be close your chapel down. Get ahead of it because this is outrageous.

“But I was afraid this would happen. The next thing you know it’ll be a church, a church is going to be forced to do things like that.”

“You can see some Catholic church being forced to perform a gay marriage.”

Robertson has previously claimed that gays will force people to have sex or else lose their homes and businesses.

He said: “What the gays are saying is, ‘We’re going to drive you out of town. You conform to us or you must leave’.

“It’s the same message that was put out in Sodom and Gomorroh: ‘You’re either going to have sex with angels or have open sex with anybody or else you leave, or you go out of business’.

“That’s America. You don’t want that, do you?”

Watch the clip below via Right Wing Watch: