US: Basketball star Brittney Griner knifed in China – but led her team to victory the next day

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Basketball star Brittney Griner was slashed with a knife in a random attack in China on Monday night, but still managed to lead her team to victory the next day.

The 24-year-old WNBA star, who is playing for a Chinese team during her off-season, was leaving practice in Shenyang when a drunk man wielding a knife chased her and three teammates onto a bus.

During the incident, she sustained a minor cut on her elbow, but was not seriously injured as she was protected by a thick winter coat.

Police arrested the assailant shortly after, which Griner captured in video footage and posted to her Instagram account.

She wrote: “Life can be took at any moment! Cherish every moment! AGAIN IM OK! Thank you to everyone that has been checking on me!”

Despite the attack, Griner said she felt completely safe in China.

“The game the next day had more security than I had ever seen,” she said. “There were three to four cops at every entrance. They were everywhere and the team said they were going to make sure and add more security now too.”

She added: “The guy was clearly either mentally ill or very drunk. He was yelling about us hitting his wife and it was pretty clear he had no idea who we were.”

According to Huffpost Sports, she led with 19 points, 11 rebounds and six blocks in Tuesday night’s win over Liaoning Hengye.


Griner and girlfriend Glory Johnson recently became engaged to be married.

She came out as gay early into her WNBA career in April 2013.

Earlier this month, ESPN released a short documentary profiling Griner called “Lifesize: Brittney Griner.”