Louis Tomlinson blasts ‘laughable’ reports claiming he supported Tim Cook with rainbow Apple t-shirt

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One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has blasted reports claiming he showed support for Apple’s newly-out CEO Tim Cook.

The singer was spotted this weekend wearing a t-shirt with the company’s old rainbow logo.

A reporter in the Independent – along with several other publications – suggested the act was symbolic following Tim Cook’s decision to come out as gay earlier this month.

On Monday, Tomlinson took to Twitter, posting a message to the reporter Jenn Selby:

It comes after his bandmate Harry Styles joked about being bisexual, claiming that being female was “not that important” in terms of who he wants to date.

Fans of the band have since formed the group Rainbow Direction – for LGBT discussions apart from the famously rabid fanbase.

In September Liam Payne went on a shooting trip with the stars of reality show Duck Dynasty – many of whom have attended events run by listed anti-gay hate groups.