Cambridge police: Leaflets claiming AIDS is God’s punishment for gays are ‘not a crime’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Cambridgeshire police have said that leaflets claiming that homosexuality is linked to paedophilia “fall short of any criminality”.

Extremist homophobic leaflets have been repeatedly distributed in the area and across the country in the past year.

One religious leaflet, titled ‘The Work of Darkness’, was delivered last month by a “man in a cape” wearing a “hooded robe thing”.

It claims that trans people are possessed by demons, that gays want to abolish the age of consent, and that AIDS is ‘God’s judgement’ for gay people.

However, after the leaflets surfaced yet again this week, Cambridge police said they won’t take action – because it’s apparently not a crime.

A spokesperson told Ely News: “Leaflets of a homophobic nature were distributed in Cambridge earlier this year. Additionally, similar material has been distributed in other areas of the county and indeed, the country.

“Whilst it is acknowledged that many recipients will be offended by the leaflet’s content, Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights gives individuals the right to Freedom of Expression – the right to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideals without interference by public authority. This includes opinions which may offend, irritate, shock or disturb.

“While the material being distributed earlier this week will in many cases offend, irritate, shock or disturb, the content, context and actions of the male concerned fall short of any criminality at this time.

“We will however continue to monitor the situation both locally and nationally. Anyone who is approached or receives any of this literature should contact police by calling 101.”

The leaflet does not list a source, but it is possibly linked to Catholicism or hardline Christianity – as it also condemns abortion, contraception, IVF and divorce.

They are being distributed by this man, who happily poses for pictures.


Similar leaflets previously delivered in Cambridge in April, and also surfaced in Brighton, Stoke-on-Trent,LincolnLeicestershire and Chester over the summer – usually accompanied by reports of a “sinister monk” in the area and timed near Pride parades.