Israel: Gay-friendy ID cards introduced for children of same-sex parents

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Israel has begun issuing new ID cards to children of same-sex parents – as previous cards only allowed for a ‘mother’ and a ‘father’.

The new cards – which can instead list two mothers or two fathers – came about after a number of gay families signed a petition addressed to the Interior Ministry, calling for the change.

The state has allowed same-sex parents to adopt their partner’s children since 2006, and legalised adoption for children not related to either parent in 2008.

The Population and Immigration Authority confirmed today that it has begun issuing cards with two same-sex parents listed, where before the couple had to pick which of them would be listed as the wrong gender.

A statement said: “When the first child arrived to request a [same-sex parent] ID card, they were issued one in accordance with the law.”

LGBT activist Chen Arieli told Israel Hayom: “Issuing the IDs is another step in recognizing same-sex parents.”

A bill legalising surrogacy in Israel passed its first reading through the Knesset last month, overcoming a hurdle and becoming one step closer to law.

There has been conflict over gay rights in Israel’s ruling coalition. Last year, the Bayit Yehudi party vetoed the bill after it objected to language in the bill which gave legal recognition to homosexual couples.

In December, a bill allowing for same-sex civil marriage was defeated in the Israeli Knesset.

Also in December, the Israeli Tax Authority issued instructions that same-sex couples with children should receive child tax benefits immediately.