Christian radio host: For Christmas, cure your children of homosexuality

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Christian radio host Linda Harvey wants parents to cure their children of homosexuality for Christmas.

The homophobic pundit, known for her extremist views, plugged her book ‘Maybe He’s Not Gay’, which urges people to “leave” the homosexual lifestyle.

In an ad, she said: “If you’re wondering what to get your teen or college student for Christmas, how about giving them the gift of common sense and morality?

“This is the way many people have described my book ‘Maybe He’s Not Gay’, another view on homosexuality.

“I wrote this book for those young people who have friends or relatives who claim to be gay.

“My premise is that maybe that label is wrong, it’s very limiting and needs a different perspective. One with more hope, truth, and most importantly, one that honours God’s standard and the way he made us.

“Same-sex relationships are not what anyone was born for, yet there are reasons why people get there, and even more reasons why they can leave those feelings behind.”

One review of the book jokes: “This is a great book if you want to kill your gay or transgender child.”

Harvey is the head of Mission: America, which is designated as an active anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

She has previously claimed that young gay people should not tell family and friends about their sexuality until they can become straight, and denied that gay teens get thrown out of their homes, instead implying that they leave of their own volition.

Listen to the clip below via Right Wing Watch: