Over half of UK police forces have seen a rise in violent homophobic crimes this year

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New crime figures released as part of a report this week show a rise in the number of homophobic offences in over half of UK police forces.

The figures, published by the Press Association, showed an overall increase of homophobic crimes between January and October 2014.

There were 1,007 violent crimes in the same period last year, which went up to 1,073. It was even lower in 2012, at 1,002 crimes recorded by Scotland Yard.

One example, South Wales Police, reported that the number almost doubled in two years from 89 violent crimes in 2012 to 132 in 2013 to 162 in 2014.

Other constabularies showed increases, mostly an increase year-on-year, but some had a decrease in 2013 and an increase in 2014.

Some have suggested that the increase is due to a larger number of victims coming forward.

The figures did not include Police Scotland.