Catholic school ‘bans’ pupils from doing project on gay rights

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A Catholic school has banned two 11-year-old girls from doing a class project on gay rights.

When pupils at St George Catholic School in Ottawa were asked to pick a subject for project to go on display at a social justice fair, Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton decided to choose gay rights.

However, the school principal Ann Beauchamp put a stop to it – claiming that the project was inappropriate for younger pupils.

Quinn Maloney-Tavares told the Ottowa Citizen: “A lot of people, they don’t know being rude, but they make being gay a bad thing. They need to know that it’s not a bad thing.”

A statement from the school claimed: “The principal’s decision was made in this context and with the understanding that the project was going to be presented to younger students.

“Our board’s focus on equity and family life programs ensures students are taught within the context of our faith, with a focus on the dignity of personhood.”

However, the girls did not take the ban lying down – and Quinn’s mother Ann Maloney met with the school to attempt to change their minds.

Ms Maloney said: “Why are we still here, as Catholics, where we can’t talk about gay rights? It’s ridiculous, as far as I’m concerned.”

When the school decided to maintain the ban, pupils decided to protest the move – with the girls and a number of others painting rainbow flags on their hands.

Ms Maloney added: “They’ve learned more about social justice in a week than they ever could have by doing a project. It’s been very real for them.”