Ireland: Nine Catholic priests ‘spotted in gay bar’

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New research has shed light on the “large gay scene” within the Irish Catholic Church.

Dr John Weafer’s new book ‘Thirty-Three Good Men: Celibacy, Obedience and Identity’ makes public a range of secret interviews with 33 priests about their sex lives.

One priest, ‘Fr C’ – admitted to being in a long-term gay relationship. Dr Weafer said he was “very happy with his life as a priest and a person”.

Another, known as ‘Fr L’, admitted to hooking up with a fellow priest after being ordained, before discovering the Church’s gay scene.

According to the Irish Independent, Fr L said: “Although we both vowed it would never happen again, it did and I was really very confused.

“[I] discovered a strong clerical gay scene in Ireland… [there’s] quite a lot of gay guys in the priesthood.”

He added that on one occasion, he had recognised as many as nine fellow priests in a gay bar.

Dr Weafer said: “As long as priests don’t go public and don’t flaunt those actions that don’t correspond with being a celibate priest [the Church turns a blind eye].

“If a priest was to say in the morning ‘I am gay’, he would be fired. Priests have learned to keep their heads down.”