London’s Popstarz is opening its doors for the last time – will you be there?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

As the organisers of Popstarz prepare for the iconic club night’s last event, PinkNews caught up with head DJ and promoter Tommy Turntables about why we have to say goodbye, and if the night will ever come back.

Popstarz was started by Simon Hobart in May 1995, and was intended as an alternative to the pop and house music filled clubs already on the gay scene.A

After moving from Islington to Regent Street to Scala in King’s Cross, “The World’s Biggest Gay Alternative” will tonight open its doors for the last time to celebrate almost two decades running with its ‘Farewell Fun Fair’.

PN Why is Popstarz ending forever?

TT It’s been 19 and half years, we feel it’s time to move on. Popstarz doesn’t have a permanent home and rather than do occasional little nights we wanted to go out with a bang.

Is there no chance it will ever come back?

No it’s not coming back. I am not saying we are never going to promote another club or gig again but Popstarz isn’t coming back.

If you think about it, a decade ago there was real competition in the gay nightlife market in Central London, with Popstarz on a Friday, Ghetto and Trash Palace every night competing with G-A-Y and Heaven (then separate). Nowadays, on a Saturday unless you decide to head south of the river, you can only really go to G-A-Y or G-A-Y Late in town. Do you think this is a shame?

Totally, the G-A-Y brand doest appeal to every gay person, in fact I’d say it doesn’t appeal to the majority of gay people, but there’s always new interesting things happening, a lot happens out East, you just have to dig for it more these days.

Popstarz was founded by Simon Hobart who died almost a decade ago. What will his legacy be?

His legacy will be showing the gay scene that not everything has to be the same, cut from the same cloth, that there is brilliance in our differences.

What’s next for you, Tommy? 

I am still DJing at a few places, going to travel a bit and then I suppose for the first time in 20 years I will have to get a ‘real’ job!

Advance tickets are sold out, and there are 400 at £20 available on the door at the Coronet on New Kent Road, London from 10pm tonight.