‘Imitation Game’ makes second-highest per-screen profit in US release

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Despite only having a limited release in the US, Alan Turing biopic ‘The Imitation Game’ has made the second highest per-screen profit of 2014.

The film, about the life of gay codebreaker and computer genius Turing, was released in four cinemas in New York and Los Angeles over the weekend.

It made on average $120,500 (£77,200) per screen, coming second only to ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ for 2014.

The film’s writer earlier this month revealed he was repeatedly advised not to make the film.

Gay World War II codebreaker Alan Turing – often hailed as the grandfather of modern computing – was convicted of ‘gross indecency’ in 1952 after having sex with a man, and was chemically castrated, barred from working for GCHQ, and eventually driven to suicide.

A report in the Sunday Times last month claimed that a gay sex scene was present in an early draft of the film, but was ditched from the final script to make it “sellable”.