Canada: Catholic school reverses ban on gay rights project

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A Canadian Catholic school has reversed its decision to ban two girls from doing a project on gay rights.

The school had previously told 11-year old Quinn Maloney-Tavares and Polly Hamilton that the project was not suitable for younger pupils. The girls and some of their classmates protested by painting rainbow flags on their hands.

The school said in a statement: “The principal’s decision was made in this context and with the understanding that the project was going to be presented to younger students.”

However they have now decided to reverse the decision and allow the girls to do a “project on how the topic of gay rights is addressed by a Catholic high school’s equity club,” according to school board spokeswoman Mardi de Kemp.

“The girls will be welcome to present their project at the social justice fair.”

The decision was reached after discussions between the school and the girls parents, and examinations by school board officials.

School board chairman Ted Hurley said: “The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has made it clear that our attitudes to gay and lesbian people should be addressed with love and dignity in an open and transparent way, when he said, ‘Who am I to judge?'”