‘Christmas’ leaflet distributed in Cambridge claims homosexuals are like vampires

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A ‘Christmas’ leaflet has been distributed across Cambridge claiming that homosexuals are “like vampires”.

The leaflet was distributed in the city this week, in the latest in a spate of similar incidents in Cambridge and across the country.

It claims: “Christmas is the invasion by God into the world He created out of pure love; which through man’s evil has become a polluted landscape of de-humanized people, debasing themselves with their false gods and fetishes.

“Homosexuals, like vampires in their insatiable lust, prey upon youth, as they conspire to create more of their own kind, meanwhile busy abusing each other’s anuses and worshiping (sic) their own and each others’ penises in a festival of authentic Satanism.

“This corruption of youth cries to heaven for vengeance.

“While the pale, pathetic world of lesbianism de-feminises women and makes demonic mockery of true womanhood, embodied in the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“Gay and Lesbian homo-fascists scheme their eval design of indoctrinating and corrupting young children with the big lie that depravity is “diversity”.

“This too cries out to heaven for vengeance. The increasing army of the deranged’ transgenderists, transvestites, ‘queer-folk’, ‘indeterminates’, ‘polyamorists’ and ‘asexuals’; forming the advanced guard of the Antichrist, like unleashed denizens of hell.”

Leaflets distributed in the city in October claimed that AIDS is God’s punishment for gays, homosexuality is linked to paedophilia, and that transgender people should be exorcised.

However, Cambridge Police has previously declined to take action to stop the anti-gay leaflets – claiming they are covered by freedom of speech laws and are not a crime.

A spokesperson said last month: “Whilst it is acknowledged that many recipients will be offended by the leaflet’s content, Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights gives individuals the right to Freedom of Expression – the right to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideals without interference by public authority. This includes opinions which may offend, irritate, shock or disturb.

“While the material being distributed earlier this week will in many cases offend, irritate, shock or disturb, the content, context and actions of the male concerned fall short of any criminality at this time.”

A man was arrested in Brighton in connection with the distribution of homophobic leaflets last month. 

Read the leaflet below:
‘Christmas’ leaflet distributed in Cambridge claims homosexuals are like vampires
‘Christmas’ leaflet distributed in Cambridge claims homosexuals are like vampires