US: Woman arrested for dressing her son in girl’s clothing ‘as a punishment’

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A woman has been arrested for dressing her 10-year-old son in girl’s clothing, allegedly as a “punishment” for bad behaviour.

Christle Marie Prado, 34, was arrested in Winter Garden, Florida on Thursday after she shared photos on Facebook of her son dressed in girl’s clothing, wearing make-up and crying.

According to police, the mother said that her room-mate Keith Driscoll had concocted the ‘punishment’ because her son – who has a medical condition – often wets himself.

A neighbour told WKMG that the boy was made to run around outside dressed as a girl while others pointed and laughed.

The Florida Department of Children and Families says that the boy – and his two siblings – have been placed in protective custody with grandmother Sherry Morden.

Ms Morden said: “They threw ice on my grandson, they made him take a cold shower, they put a dress on him, they put make-up on him, they made him run around outside where all his friends could see him.

“[In the photo] he’s in a blue dress, make-up on, crying – tears are just pouring out of his eyes – and I guess she seemed to think it was okay.

“I’m mad. What right do you have, doing this to your kids?”

Ms Prado was charged with cruelty toward a child, and infliction of physical or mental injury. Mr Driscoll was also taken into custody.

Watch the clip via WKMG below:
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