Emily Brothers: I don’t want to be ‘that transgender politician’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Labour party candidate Emily Brothers has said she doesn’t want be labelled as a “transgender politician”.

Ms Brothers, who came out in an exclusive interview with PinkNews, told the Telegraph: “I don’t want to be ‘that transgender politician’. I don’t want that label, basically.

“I’m not ‘a transgender politician’. I transitioned to be a woman, to live my life as woman. I’ve always felt female all my life and the process was to align my characteristics and wardrobe with who I feel I am. I have accomplished that.”

“I’m a disabled woman, that’s how I see myself, that’s how I feel.

“But I’m not a one-trick pony, in terms of dealing with transgender issues. It doesn’t define me. But it helps to shape what I might do in the future.”

She also spoke about the support she’d received from Ed Miliband, and why she didn’t tell him before she came out.

“Ed Miliband didn’t know. I had some questioning about that: why didn’t I inform him I was going to come out? I don’t talk to Ed about private issues and, frankly, I knew he’d be supportive.”

“I hope that me coming out will make it easier for future generations to feel, in politics, that they can get on in their acquired gender roles and do it effectively.

“What I want to say to people is that the impossible is achievable. You can do it.”