The top 10 most read PinkNews stories of 2014

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As the festive season draws to a close, PinkNews looks back on the top 10 most read stories of 2014.

What the strange mix of stories says about PinkNews readership is unclear, but while some are shocking, others show how the world rallies behind people who have been bullied.

In reverse order, here are the 10 most read stories of 2014.

10. David Cameron: When people’s love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change

The top 10 most read PinkNews stories of 2014

Our look back at our top 10 most read stories of 2014 begins at Number 10, literally. Will same-sex marriage be David Cameron’s lasting achievement?

Writing exclusively for PinkNews, Prime Minister David Cameron said: “When people’s love is divided by law, it is the law that needs to change.”

9. Former UKIP deputy leader: Gays sleep with up to 20,000 people in their ‘short, miserable lives’

Lord Monckton2

Number 9 in our most read stories of 2014 was this gem from Lord Monckton. We’re not sure he got this impression, but to the gay person he spoke to who achieved this number – congratulations.

8. X Factor contestant: Girls are put off dating me because my mum is gay


X Factor’s Jack Walton opened up about his dating troubles while appearing on the show. Then 18, he said he found it difficult after his mum came out as gay seven years earlier.

He also said he had trouble with girls who said they were “uncomfortable” when they found out his mum was in a same-sex relationship. Sad, but we’re sure he’s got plenty of dates since getting his abs out on the X Factor…

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7. Watch: Homophobe lost for words when interviewer brings up anti-gay tweets

This brilliant clip appeared online of a homophobic Toronto school trustee refusing to talk about messages sent from his Twitter account claiming trans people don’t exist.

He later says: “I reserve the right to form an opinion,” before really awkwardly leaving the interview without saying a word. Oops.

6. 11-year-old boy bullied for liking ‘gay’ My Little Pony attempts suicide, may have brain damage

In a heartbreaking twist, 11-year-old Michael Morones attempted suicide after being bullied for liking ‘My Little Pony’.

Morones was a fan of the television show ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’, but was bullied at school because it was perceived as ‘gay’.

After doctors thought he might never recover, the family of Morones have posted several videos of his recovery, and he has been surpassing all expectations.

5. NYC pastor warns: Starbucks is flavoured with the semen of sodomites


A bizarre entry for number five. This New York pastor warned that Starbucks coffees are flavoured with the “semen of sodomites”, after the coffee giant featured drag queens in its ads.

Watch his strange claims here.

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4. These parents made an absolutely heartwarming tribute to their 6-year-old transgender son

Jeff and Hillary Whittington were expecting a baby girl when they conceived in 2007, but from the moment he could talk, Ryland rejected all things feminine, and began to refer to himself as a boy.

At first they just thought he was a ‘tomboy’, but after consulting with others and learning of shocking transgender suicide rates, they allowed him to cut his hair and change his pronouns to male.

Amazing. Brangelina recently took a leaf out of their book with their child John, who was allowed by their celeb parents to explore their right to self-identify.

3. EastEnders star Danny Dyer’s response to homophobic viewers was just brilliant


After Danny Dyer’s on-screen son came out to him on the BBC’s EastEnders, the star took to Twitter to respond to homophobic tweets.

What he posted was hilarious. Check it out here.

2. James Franco reveals first photo of himself as ex-gay activist

Hollywood actor James Franco revealed the first photo of himself as ex-gay activist Michael Glatze in an upcoming film, which gathered a lot of attention.

On Instagram, Franco shared the image of himself as Glatze in the upcoming biopic, ‘Michael’.

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1. Panti Bliss’ brilliant response to homophobia took the internet by storm

Panti CRED Twitter

This drag queen’s inspirational call to those who demean gay people saw her question why the gay community should be made to put up with “reasoned debates about you and what rights you deserve or don’t deserve.”

“Sometimes I hate myself. I f*cking hate myself, because I check myself when I stand at pedestrian crossings… And sometimes, I hate you for doing that to me.”

Watch the full, absolutely amazing response here. 

*BONUS ENTRY* – The Jolie-Pitts respect their child John’s decision to self-identify


(This story became the most read of 2014 after this list was compiled – gaining more views than any other story in two days)

The Jolie-Pitt family last week announced their support for their eight-year-old to self-identify as male.

John Jolie Pitt, who was assigned female at birth, asked to be called by that name, and attracted widespread attention when they appeared on the red carpet for Angelina’s film ‘Unbroken’, wearing a tuxedo and with cropped hair.