UK Catholic Bishop: Marriage is an ‘unbreakable union of man and woman’

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The Catholic Bishop of Shrewsbury has reiterated his position that marriage can only be between a man and a woman.

Bishop Mark Davies made the remarks in a pastoral letter delivered to churches on 28 December called “The beautiful virtue of chastity”.

It comes as the Catholic Church in England and Wales launches a consultation into how best the Church can accommodate engaged couples, divorcees and gay Catholics.

Bishop Davies also urged Catholics to adopt chastity before marriage.

The Tablet reports he restated church teaching that marriage is an ”unbreakable union of man and woman”, and that sexual relations belong within marriage alone and must always be open to new life.

Bishop Davies is no stranger to making critical remarks about same-sex relationships.

In November, he said that that the Church should reject gay people, to avoid encouraging a “pagan world”.

Bishop Davies then sought to quell criticism by saying gay people “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity”.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Antwerp, Johan Bonny, has said the Catholic Church should accept and recognise relationships between two people of the same sex.

He also believes same-sex couples should be able to receive a blessing in church.