Footballer under fire over ‘game’ to guess whether women have penises

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Footballer Robert Huth is under fire for taking part in a Twitter game in which he attempted to ‘guess’ from pictures whether women are transgender.

The Stoke City defender could face action after he took part in ‘cock or no cock’, a ‘game’ in which a Twitter account posts cropped explicit images of women and invites users to guess whether the women have penises or vaginas.

The account then posts the uncensored explicit images, claiming: “This sorts the men from the ladyboys”.

The 30-year-old German footballer, who previously played for Chelsea, played several rounds of the game, responding “cock”, “no cock”, “nein cock” and “its a schlong”

Footballer under fire over ‘game’ to guess whether women have penises

He has faced a backlash from trans activists online after taking part in the game.

One user wrote: It is clear that @stokecity cannot allow @robert_huth to continue his transphobic adventures on #CONC. Club being put into disrepute.”

Another added: “People might want to consider asking @stokecity football club why their player @robert-huth thinks it’s okay to bully trans people online.”

Stoke City declined to comment when asked if action would be taken against the player, but Mr Huth’s tweets have since been deleted.

The game is similar to a controversial segment of reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race – in which participants had to guess whether they were looking at a “biological” or “psychological” woman.

LogoTV pulled the segment off the air and apologised earlier this year.