Anti-gay group co-founder: Only God can stop same-sex marriage now

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The former head of the National Organisation for Marriage has claimed that it is up to God to stop the spread of marriage equality.

Maggie Gallagher headed the anti-gay group until 2011, but has repeatedly claimed that it is now too late to stop equal marriage.

Speaking to the Daily Beast this week, she said when asked whether equality was now inevitable: “Nothing is inevitable. ‘Inevitability’ is the progressive substitute for the idea of Divine Providence.

“Either God is in charge, or the future hasn’t yet happened and is freely determined. Or God leaves us free.”

The cryptic message is less direct than the group’s current President, Brian Brown, who warned last year that “our resources are nearly exhausted”.

NOM’s tax filings from 2013 show that donations have plummeted, and increased spending left the group with $2.5 million of debt at the end of the tax year.

Gallagher forecast last March that equal marriage was likely to happen in all 50 states within 18 months “whether we like it or not”.

She later claimed that same-sex marriage opponents must shift to trying to sustain a sub-culture of ‘traditional marriage’.

Ms Gallagher claimed last year: “I believe that with the Windsor decision, we now clearly have five votes in the Supreme Court for gay marriage in all 50 states, so I think that’s going to happen very shortly.

“Our big challenge is going to be how do we sustain a culture or sub-culture of marriage when our government defines and teaches that marriage is something rather different than what we believe.”