Louise Mensch: F*ck the Queen and Cameron for paying tribute to Saudi king

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Former Tory MP Louise Mensch has tweeted angrily about tributes paid to the late king of Saudi Arabia, saying “F*CK HER” about the Queen and “F*CK YOU” to David Cameron.

90-year-old monarch King Abdullah died after suffering from a lung infection, and is succeeded by his half-brother Salman.

The Prime Minister David Cameron has said he is “deeply saddened” by the passing of the King, and the Prince of Wales is to travel to Saudi Arabia to represent the Queen and to “pay his condolences”.

Despite floods of tributes from British figures, including claims that the King modernised or “reformed” Saudi Arabia, LGBT people still face harsh treatment there.

The former MP for Corby, Mensch took to Twitter this morning to tweet warning those who might pay tribute to King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

Then, responding to the British Embassy in Saudi Arabia, which tweeted a tribute quote from the Prime Minister, she wrote “FUCK YOU”, with the hashtag “#FREETHE4”, referring to four daughters of the King who have been under house arrest for over a decade.

Responding to another tweet in which she was informed that the decision to fly flags at half-mast came from Buckingham Palace, directed at the Queen, she wrote: “FUCK HER”.

She also took aim at Prince Charles:

And Barack Obama:

One person Mensch was pleased with, however, was Ruth Davidson. The leader of the Scottish Conservatives tweeted this afternoon to say that the flags being flown was “a steaming pile of nonsense.”

Concerns were raised in during a state visit to the UK by the late King in 2007 about the treatment of women and gay people by the Saudi kingdom.

Women are not granted the vote, and are unable to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Many on Twitter have criticised the choice to fly all flags at half mast given the appalling treatment of LGBT people and women in the Saudi kingdom.