Transgender reporter: We need Bruce Jenner to come out

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One of the only transgender reporters in the US has urged former Olympian Bruce Jenner to weigh in on rumours about their gender.

Supermarket tabloids in the US have intensely scrutinised reality star Bruce Jenner’s appearance for months, with InTouch magazine coming under fire for a crudely photoshopped photo of him as a woman.

Legendary LA-area reporter and helicopter pilot Zoey Tur – who made a return to work this week after transitioning to female – told CNN that the star needs to “speak up”.

She said: “Bruce Jenner has been transitioning for at least 20-something years. I met him 20 years ago.

“I think she should come out and talk about it now.

“We have a 42 percent suicide attempt rate, we need Bruce Jenner to come out and stand up and talk about it.

“We need the World’s greatest athlete, but unfortunately, with the timing and being part of the Kardashians, a lot of people are suspicious.

“People ask me all the time, do I really believe it? Is this some sort of hoax to sell another tabloid show on television?

“We need Jenner to stand up and be the hero that she is.

“I’m out – I got called by TMZ, and 28 million people knew I was trans an hour later.

“I decided to participate, and tell my story, and tell it to anyone who was willing to listen, because I wanted to control my own narrative. I didn’t want to be a national joke.

“Every day, people are committing suicide. Just this week, I had one perso n I know commit suicide, and another attempt suicide. Enough! Come out, and speak up!

“The connections with the Kardashians, it’s a big circus.”

Watch the interview via CNN below: