Former Republican: Same-sex marriage will lead to the dissolution of the US

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Right-wing pundit Alan Keyes has claimed that same-sex marriage will lead to the break-up of the United States.

The religious speaker – who was a diplomat under Ronald Reagan and has run for President three times – warned that if the Supreme Court rules in favour of same-sex marriage, it could break apart the union.

He said: “This would be an attack on the people of the United States more grievous than that which led the first generation of Americans to declare their independence from Great Britain.

“If even a significant minority of Americans continue in their attachment to the unalienable right of liberty (as opposed to the licentious freedom that has, in some quarters usurped that name) this attack is likely to produce the separation and dissolution of the United States, for like humanity itself the United States is inconceivable apart from respect for God-endowed unalienable right.

“It is only after much thought that I venture to say that the Supreme Court’s decisions could very well be as momentous as the Dred Scott decision in the 19th century, and just as fraught with potentially fatal implications for the future Liberty and Union of the people of the United States.

“Many Americans feel that this is so. But when it comes to constitutional law, our feelings cannot be the crux of the matter. Rather we must rely, as the young Abraham Lincoln once said, on “Reason, cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason.”

No matter how far-fetched, Keyes is not alone in his conclusion.

A former aide to President Reagan, Douglas MacKinnon, has called for ‘traditional marriage’ states to break away from the US and form an independent country.