UKIP is more hated than Marmite, poll finds

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A poll has found that the UK Independence Party has overtaken Marmite as Britain’s most hated brand.

The research from advertising agency Isobel surveyed over 1500 people on their opinions about a number of brands – and found that the controversial party was even more unpopular than Marmite.

The four main UK political parties all made the top ten, with the Lib Dems sixth, Labour fifth, the Tories second and UKIP first.

Marmite placed third in the poll, while Ryanair, McDonald’s Starbucks, Facebook, KFC rounded out the top ten.

Paul Houlding, managing partner of Isobel said: “It will come as no shock to anyone (least of all the politicians themselves) that the political parties are all in the same unloved boat [as Marmite] but will it concern them?

“When it comes to polling day, are we voting for the party we love or are we voting for the party of most use?”

UKIP recently denied selecting a notoriously anti-gay Christian preacher as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Coventry South.

Sources inside the local party confirmed that former Christian Party leader George Hargreaves – who claims gays should “repent and turn to Christ” – was set to be selected.

However, the party’s Deputy Chairman Suzanne Evans said: “I’ve checked & I can confirm the Rev George Hargreaves is not a UKIP candidate.”