Evangelical Alliance: Christians ditching Tories over same-sex marriage

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Tens of thousands of Christians are preparing to ditch their support for the Tories due to same-sex marriage, Evangelical Alliance has claimed.

The survey of members of the alliance, which claims to be an umbrella organisation for up to 2 million evangelical Christians, found that 40% were going to change their vote from 2010 – due to the reasons such as the government’s welfare reforms, a rise in poverty and same-sex marriage.

Labour support grew from 22% to 31%, while Conservative support dropped from 40% to 28%. Liberal Democrat support also drained away while UKIP grew from 2% to 12%.

The Times reports Dave Landrum, the alliance’s advocacy director, said the survey showed that evangelicals were most concerned about poverty, inequality and same-sex marriage.

“The marriage issue has certainly turbocharged the shift in people,” he said.

“Many commented that the redefinition of marriage had badly damaged their view of politics.”