Jeb Bush reaffirms opposition to same-sex marriage

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Rumoured Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has reaffirmed his opposition to same-sex marriage – after claims he would soften his approach.

Mr Bush, a former Governor of Florida and the brother of George W Bush, is strongly tipped to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016.

Unlike a number of other Republican contenders, Mr Bush has largely stayed out of the fight on same-sex marriage, recently called for “respect” to people “on all sides” of the marriage debate.

However, the politician shot down reports of a shift in tone when asked by right-wing pundit Sean Hannity.

He said succinctly: “No. I believe in traditional marriage.”

Mr Bush recently appointed an openly gay senior adviser, recruiting Tim Miller to his Political Action Committee.

It is thought that Mr Miller, who is openly gay, is in line to become the communications director for Mr Bush’s campaign.

Mr Miller co-founded America Rising, a Republican group that specialises in researching and formulating attacks on Democratic opponents.

One of his group’s key targets is rumoured Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, meaning Mr Miller will be perfectly placed in the event of a face-off between the pair.

Confirming the announcement, Mr Miller tweeted: “Thanks yall. Thrilled and honored to work for a great person with the right message.”