UKIP’s Winston McKenzie ‘dismayed’ about Kellie Maloney’s transition

UKIP candidate Winston McKenzie said he is ‘dismayed’ by Kellie Maloney’s transition to female.

The UKIP candidate for Croydon North, Winston McKenzie, has said he is dismayed by Kellie Maloney’s transition but said “I really honestly, sincerely wish this guy well.”

McKenzie, who previously  claimed that same-sex adoption is child abuse, said the news of Maloney’s transition came as a shock to him.

He told IBTimes: “I’m disillusioned about that situation. Frank Maloney I know as a boxing promoter and I’m quite dismayed to see what’s happened, but I wish him well. I really honestly, sincerely wish this guy well, who’s now Kellie.”

Though he offered his ‘100% support’ to Maloney, he continued to misgender her in the interview and asked why she felt she had to transition, said: “I don’t know what’s happened in his life. But whatever he has chosen to do in his life, good luck to him.”

McKenzie’s comments come after Kellie Maloney, who came out last August, spoke at UKIP’s Spring Conference. She said: “I had to come to terms with myself and accept that I was a transsexual. It is something I hid and something I fought.”

The eccentric politician – who has unsuccessfully auditioned for the X Factor – was suspended from his UKIP branch in November after receiving a letter of no confidence signed by a number of members.

He also compared UKIP leader Nigel Farage to Jesus.