Ex-UKIP homophobe Winston McKenzie misses deadline to run for Mayor of London

Homophobe Winston McKenzie won’t be on the ballot in London’s Mayoral election – because he missed a deadline to file his paperwork.

The former UK Independence Party politician is notoriously anti-LGBT, having repeatedly claimed that same-sex adoption is child abuse

Despite being purportedly ‘sacked’ many times by UKIP, Mr McKenzie still stood for Parliament as a UKIP candidate in Croydon North last year.

He has since left of his own accord to join the far-right English Democrats – and had planned to stand for the party in this May’s election for Mayor of London.

However, officials confirmed today that Mr McKenzie will not make it onto the official ballot, as he did not file his paperwork in time to be included.

A statement from London Elects says: “The nominations process for Mayor of London candidates opened on March 21st 2016 and closed at 4pm on March 31 2016.

“London Elects encouraged all prospective candidates to contact them within good time to discuss the process and to give advice on the paperwork required.

“This was made very clear to all who had shown an interest in the nominations process.

“The English Democrats prospective candidate for Mayor of London, Winston McKenzie, met with London Elects for the first time at 13.45 on March 31 2016.

“At that time, the paperwork was incomplete. Mr McKenzie was given the opportunity to resolve matters by the 4pm legal deadline.

“Mr McKenzie and his agent did not submit all the paperwork by the 4pm deadline.

“Upon inspection, the incomplete forms contained errors which would have invalidated the nomination – in the form of duplicate signatures from other candidates’ nomination papers.

“Electoral law is explicit and the rules must be applied in all cases.”

McKenzie sparked a row when he was allowed to take part in Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year – alongside several gay housemates.

McKenzie did not leave it long before making homophobic jokes, saying: “I could cope with a homosexual in the house. I guess I’ll just have to stand with my back against a brick wall all the time.”

The candidate nearly sparked a walk-out of other housemates when he was not removed from the house for further homophobic comments.

Ofcom ruled out an investigation of his homophobic comments and inclusion in the reality show.